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High temperature iron oxide pigment use and addition amount

The use and amount of high temperature iron oxide pigments will vary depending on the specific application and needs. In general, here are some guidelines for use and addition amounts: Instructions: High-temperature iron oxide pigments are generally provided in powder form and need to be mixed with the corresponding base material. The pigment can be evenly dispersed into the base material by dry mixing, wet mixing, grinding, etc. During the mixing and preparation process, processes such as stirring, grinding or sieving can be carried out as needed to ensure full mixing of the pigment and base material. Adding amount: The amount of high-temperature iron oxide pigment added will be affected by many factors, such as the saturation of the required color, the color transparency of the base material, the color strength of the pigment, etc. Generally speaking, the amount of addition can be calculated in proportion according to the color strength of the pigment and the amount of base material to achieve the desired color effect. It is recommended to conduct a small sample test first and adjust the addition amount according to the test results to obtain a satisfactory color effect. It should be noted that the specific usage method and adding amount still need to be adjusted and determined based on the specific requirements of the product and the actual situation at the production site. During use, it is recommended to follow the technical information and usage instructions provided by the pigment supplier.
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