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How are glass marbles made

How are glass marbles made

The marbles are currently made from recycled glass bottles, which are ground to a fine state and then subjected to various filters to remove impurities. For example, access to labels on bottle caps and packaging, paper scraps, etc. The clean pieces of glass are then taken to a special place where they are melted at a high temperature, and then they are melted at a high temperature of about 1,200 to 1,400, and the pieces of glass become liquid. The liquid glass is then processed before it's melted, cut to size, and then sent to a grinder for a second processing, grinding it into a round shape, and then a beautiful glass ball. Now there are many new techniques to make even more beautiful marbles. For example, when the marbles are not completely cooled, they are put in ice water, so that the glass balls will have beautiful ice cracks on them.

The method of making stained glass spheres

Color glass ball, of course, is made use of colored glass solutions, all kinds of tricks in the liquid melt haven't cooling time for processing, such as inside the glass liquid in high temperature resistant color material, or the mix of a few kinds of color glass liquid, or on the surface of glass liquid with colorful decorations. After this, the glass liquid is slowly cut into the same size, and then slowly grinding, rubbing round, and then the glass beads are colored glass beads.

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