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What are the differences between pearlescent mica powder and color-changing mica

Pearlescent mica powder and color-changing mica are two different types of mica powder. They have the following differences: Physical properties: Pearlescent mica powder is a kind of mica powder with pearlescent or metallic luster. It will show a shining effect when exposed to light. Color-changing mica is a kind of mica powder with color changing effect. Its color changes with the viewing angle. Application fields: Pearlescent mica powder is often used in cosmetics, make-up, arts and crafts and other fields to increase the gloss and shine of the product. Color-changing mica is mainly used in the development of new coatings, decorative materials with color-changing effects, artworks and other fields. Ingredients: The main component of pearlescent mica powder is mica minerals, such as muscovite or silver mica. Color-changing mica is a specially formulated mica powder that achieves color-changing effects by controlling its surface structure and metal ion content. In general, pearlescent mica powder focuses on increasing the gloss and appearance of the product, while color-changing mica focuses more on creating a unique color change effect. The choice of which mica powder to use depends on the desired effect and application area.
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